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Welcome to our online site! We hope you find everything according to your needs. If not let us know. If you'd just like to say "HI"  or send us some suggestions, please feel free to do so! 

Products & Services


​- Tow Bars

- Bull Bars

- Roll Bars

- Speed Controls

- Car Audio

- Infotainment Systems

- Vehicle Security Systems

- Tonnue Covers


- Securi Lid Roller Doors

- Off Road Canopy`s

- Fiberglass Canopy`s

- 4x4 Canvas Seat Covers

- Accredited Tracker Installation Centre


​- Rhino Bakkie Linings

- 4x4 Suspensions

- Shock Absorbers

- 4x4 Accessories

- Parking Assist

- Roof Racks

- Long-range Fuel Tanks

- Spot Lights

- Dual Battery Systems

- Battery Charges AC-AC & AC-DC

- Camping Accessories


- Vehicle Sound Upgrades 

- On-site Workshop

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